Storm Kings Thunder

Looking for Work

First Few Days of My Journey with My New Crew

I was on my way to Nightstone in search of work. As much as it galls me to be on land, I don't have a lot of choice if I want to be free to search for the Retribution eventually. My contacts were certain that I would be able to make quick money in this town, but when I arrived, this certainty was broken. Along the way I met Thelone', a man of the woods, Azrael, a man who apparently serves a god I am not familiar with, Raiden, and Y'nal, an elf of higher rank than I've even met.

Nightstone was empty of people, but full of goblins and ogres. It made no sense, until we saw stones the size of small buildings scattered around the town. I think if I'd seen them falling  on my town, I'd run as well. 


mrroderick JessicaNettles

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