Storm Kings Thunder


How I came to Nightstone

DATE: I have traveled many tendays west along the Black Road towards the Sword Coast since I was deposited in an oasis, at the western edge of the Anauroch Desert.  The trip to LLorkh was uneventful, as I was able to earn passage in a trade caravan.  We made good time, but I miss the carefree flight of the skyship.  My feet have finally adapted to the rigors of the road.  The Zent's control the city, and it angers me that the desert must endure their corruption.  May that the sand's would scour them from my home.

I continued on foot, meeting up with a number of small traveling companions and others headed west to either Daggerford and Waterdeep.  I had a number of conversations, and ultimately decided that Waterdeep would be the first destination on my road to discovery and enlightenment.  Additionally, I may find uncover the magical secrets and the materials (boat) to construct my own skyship.  Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.  

While traveling north of Daggerford, I came across a fellow Harper Thelöné Skovagt, who was headed on a mission to Nightstone.  Having no set schedule, I decided to travel with him and provide assistance in negotiations between the elves and the town.  The weather was pleasant. Rain is much better than sandstorms.

Eventually, we encountered several other travelers headed in the same direction.  While some say there is safety in numbers, but that is false.  There is only good conversation, and maybe someone to notify your next of kin.  After a good nights rest, we should arrive at Nightstone on the morrow…




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