Storm Kings Thunder


Goblin Cleansing & Zent Bloodletting

DATEDAY 1:  We arrived outside of the town of Nightstone in early morning.  The city was still except for the discordant ringing of a bell from within.   The lowered drawbridge beckons in sharp contrast to the damage to the keep.  As we approach the drawbridge, an inspection of the road indicated that a number of goblins coming and going, along with a trail of booted feet fleeing to the north.  

The three of the group blunder towards the gate upon observing two w<u>orgs</u><u> </u>near the town square – I have their back.  Fear not, the worgs noticed my stealthy friends, and soon they are dead and my friends have new scars to boast about. 

We closed the drawbridge and cleansed the town of many <u>goblins</u>, learning that they arrived to a deserted city taking prisoners of townfolk and murdering and eating several.  I dispatched those I found with extreme prejudice, give their heinous crimes, and piled the bodies near gate to burn.  N'sar should be pleased.  While searching the rest of the town, we discovered a pet tressym in a partially collapsed residence.  This flying cat appeared to be hungry, so we feed the pet and it took a liking to me.  It's collar has the name Rillix, and since it is now following me around, I believe I shall take it as my familiar.

Kela Darkhope was found in the Nightstone Inn.  She was quite evasive when we questioned her, and had a strange flying snake hidden in her robes. From her and the few remaining guards in the keep, that the city was attacked by pale skinned giants in a flying fortress, dropping boulders upon the city and stealing the Nightstone.  Lady Nandar was killed in the assault. After speaking with the guards, we determined that she had next of kin in Waterdeep.  We took Lady Nandar body to the family crypt for a proper burial, and were attacked by a <u>specter</u>, which Raiden dispatched easily.

Just before evening, we heard a cry from the drawbridge requesting entrance.  Upon climbing to the top of the tower, a group of seven <u>mercenaries</u>, claiming to be bounty hunters, tried to negotiate entrance into the city. Represented by a half-elf named Xolkin, they claimed that a women named Kela was wanted for murdering her husband.  I questioned them at length about their authority in this matter, and they could produce nothing that would substantiate either the crime or her involvement in the matter.  Xolkin then began to callout her name, and after several minutes, she arrived at the top of the tower.  Next the claimed to by merchants, only wanting to establish a trade monopoly in the city by taking over the Lionshield Coster.  It became clear that their claims were false, and that Kela and Xolkin were known to each other.  Furthermore, it became clear that they were affiliated with they were of a criminal sort. Kela was lowered over the wall, the group threatened us, saying this is not over, and then rode away.  We organized the remaining guards and set a watchman.  

As expected, the miscreants returned that evening and attacked the party, trying to gain entrance to the town through the broken bridge to the keep.  The battle was fierce, many of our group, including myself, were felled with grievous wounds.  However, what appeared to be a slaughter of our party was thwarted by Thelöné, who managed to deliver the killing blow to both Kela and Xolkin.  Three remaining outlaws fled the carnage.  The remaining night passed uneventfully, and Aria, Raiden, and I regained consciousness the next day.  A review of their possessions indicate that they work Zhentarim, as Xolkin wears a signet ring emblazoned with their symbol.

With the city secured, we next seek the missing towns folks in the caves to the north…



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